Rise in Manufacturing Recruitment

The latest research from the EEF Manufacturers’ organisation has revealed that a growing number of companies are recruiting workers amid a strong start to the year for the manufacturing sector. The report suggested that the wavering confidence found amongst employers last year had turned out to be temporary, with companies enjoying stronger than expected activity during the start of 2012. The EEF has reported a noteworthy improvement in UK consumers demand for goods, with increased confidence about orders from both within the UK and abroad. As a result of this increased confidence, investment and recruitment plans within the manufacturing industry have picked up in recent months, according to the survey carried out of more than 400 companies.

Commenting on the latest report, Scott Bulloch, Managing Director of ATA Recruitment said: “The manufacturing industry has a taken a hit during the last year as global economic issues has weighed heavily on confidence, which saw a decline in orders and as a result companies held off on recruitment decisions”. Scott continued “The latest survey however shows that this was a temporary setback within the industry and the renewed confidence demonstrates the resilience of the manufacturing industry. This is leading to a continued willingness from manufacturing companies to recruit and invest which should lead to much needed growth within the sector, a trend that we are seeing replicated across our UK client base.”