Director Dealing Share Buyback and Cancellation

3rd April 2024

Final Results 2023

25th March 2024

Trading update and notice of results

29th November 2023

Exercise of Options

9th November 2023

Appointment of Chairman

10th August 2023

Sudden Death Of Chairman

31st July 2023

RTC Group Interim Report 2023

26th July 2023

Result of AGM

31st May 2023

Exercise of Options / Director’s Shareholding

30th March 2023

Change of Broker

28th March 2023

Final Results 2022

27th March 2023

RTC Group Plc Interim Report 2022

29th July 2022

AGM Results

6th June 2022

Final Results 2021

28th March 2022

Trading Update and Notice of Results

9th February 2022

TR-1 Notification of Major Holdings

18th August 2021

Contract Award Network Rail

10th August 2021

RTC Group plc Interim Report 2021

26th July 2021

Offer to cancel share options and share buyback

24th May 2021

AGM Results

21st April 2021

AGM Trading update

21st April 2021

RTC Group Plc Board Change

1st April 2021

Final Results 2020

22nd February 2021

Change of broker

28th July 2020

RTC Group Plc Interim Report 2020

23rd July 2020

AGM Results

17th June 2020

AGM Trading Update

17th June 2020

Update in relation ro RTC's AGM

21st May 2020

Update on the impact of Covid-19

28th April 2020

AGM Changes

30th March 2020

Holding in Company

4th March 2020

Dividend Declaration

24th February 2020

Final Results 2019

24th February 2020

Trading Update and Notice of Results

24th January 2020

Network Rail Contract Extension

12th November 2019

Interim Results

5th August 2019

AGM Results

24th April 2019

AGM Trading Update

24th April 2019

Final Results 2018

25th February 2019

Trading Update and Notice of Results

25th January 2019